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Practical Lectures

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Practical Engaging Lectures for those working with children and adults with additional needs

we help you understand the children’s needs

We offer practical, engaging lectures in third level facilities such as Early Childhood Courses and Primary School Teaching courses. This gives the participants an opportunity to experience firsthand the work that we do with children who have additional needs.

These lectures are practical, allowing participants to engage in the activities, understand the principles behind them and perform some of the tasks that we use with children who have additional needs.

We also work a lot on mindset, changing the focus to participation, learning, developing new skills and celebrating all abilities. 

We incorporate a question and answer section, allowing the participants an opportunity to learn from our experiences working with children and adults with additional needs. 

A big part of these lectures is promoting inclusion and educating the people who will be working with children. We need them to understand that every class needs to be inclusive and suitable for all abilities. In doing these practical lectures we can show the participants how to adapt tasks, think outside the box and to understand that children with additional needs can easily be catered for with a bit of planning and by taking time to understand the children’s needs beforehand. 

Our training aims to give the participants the confidence and tools they need to design activities suitable for every child in their class.

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Why Choose Us?

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Our Aims Are Simple!

  • Fitness For All
  • Classes Specific To Needs
  • Happy Head, Healthy Heart and Strong body
  • Build Communities

We achieve this by ensuring that all of our classes are inclusive and designed to cater for everybody. We provide an environment where everyone is accepted for who they are. We include activities in our classes that allow our users to socialise and form friendships, this helps us build communities. 


Our fun fitness classes allow children and adults to get fit, improve agility, strength, balance, coordination, social skills, listening skills, communication skills, flexibility and much more. We develop activities that will help improve gross and fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, develop coping mechanisms, improve concentration and locomotor skills. We also focus on building self-confidence and increasing self-esteem for all the participants in our classes. The best thing is that all of this happens unbeknownst to them because they are just having fun. 

Benefits From Our Classes



Healthy Habits







Social Skills


Coping Skills

Decision Making

Listening Skills

Gross & Fine Motor Skills

Communication Skills

Improved Concentration

Locomotor Skills

Hand Eye Coordination

Sense of belonging

Mental Health Awareness


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