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specific programmes based on your needs

Here at Active Academy we offer a wide range of services for Adults with and without additional needs. We offer fun, inclusive fitness classes for adults with additional needs. We can run these classes within your service or online. The classes will be designed around your abilities, focusing on skills you’d like to develop and things you’d like to improve.

The classes will be full of fun activities, challenges and games. Our aim is to ensure that you enjoy exercise, develop your skills and have fun. Our classes will also focus on mental health awareness, mindfulness, goal setting, learning to fail and social skills. As a result of this, as well as getting fit and improving your health, you also learn skills to benefit all areas of your life.

We provide fitness classes for adults of all fitness abilities. These classes focus on improving fitness, strength, conditioning, health and much more. We offer corporate classes, studio based classes, outdoor classes and small group classes.

Our High Performance coach offers training for athletes who need to focus on specific areas of their training. These sessions are results driven and designed for athletes and professional sports people.

Our personal training services are available for adults with and without disabilities. We will work with you to set goals and design a programme based around you needs.

We strive to develop communities not just classes. We want you to feel supported and a part of something as you work to achieve your goals. We want to ensure that you have some fun along the way so although we will work you hard and push you to reach your targets, we will also ensure that the sessions are fun, incorporate mental health awareness and cater for all abilities.

Active Academy - Services - Classes and training for adults, clubs and people with additional needs

Our Mission

We aim to ensure that every one, regardless of ability has access to exercise and activity. We build communities not classes. We want everyone who avails of our service to feel part of something. All of our classes are fun, inclusive and non competitive. Our motto is Moving is winning so it doesn’t matter how you get to the end of the task, once you get there. Our goal is to support you on the journey and ensure that you have as much fun as possible along the way.

Our Vision

Our Vision is Fitness For All

We want to get everybody moving, To educate people, to break down barriers and to ensure access for all to exercise and movement

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Why Choose Us?

Active Kids Academy - Lisa Redmond - Active Kids Academy Ireland - Logo - Classes and training for adults, clubs and people with additional needs

Our Aims Are Simple!

  • To build communities
  • To provide exercise programmes for everybody
  • Happy head, healthy heart and strong body!

We achieve this by ensuring that all of our classes are inclusive and designed to cater for everybody. We provide an environment where everybody is accepted for who they are.

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