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What is Active Academy?

fitness for all

Active Academy is an Irish owned company, founded on over 20 years of experience working in the areas of fitness and additional needs. 

Here at Active Academy, we design exercise programs specifically for the children, adults and services that we work with. Our individual approach ensures that we cater specifically to the needs and abilities of those using our services.

We believe in FITNESS FOR ALL hence why we put so much time and effort into designing and running fitness classes for children and adults that are functional, goal orientated, inclusive, non-competitive and fun. 

For us, exercise isn’t just about physical gains and increasing our fitness. Exercise is a fantastic way to develop and learn new skills such as mindfulness, positive mental health habits, how to deal with failure, resilience, coping skills, socialising, communication, decision making, teamwork and so much more. All of these skills are transferable to everyday life ensuring that we provide more than just an exercise class. Our aim is to develop communities and offer our users and their families a sense of belonging in a supportive environment where everyone is welcome. 

A large part of our work is with children with Autism. We run fun fitness classes and camps through ASD Units, Schools and services. These classes are designed around the children’s strengths, likes, abilities, needs and goals. This enables us to provide classes for children with Autism that are specific to their individual needs and to ensure that they have fun, engage in our exercise classes and also reap the rewards. If children are attending Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy we will work with you to incorporate their programs into our classes. This helps us ensure that the classes are meeting the children’s needs and helping them develop the skills that they need to. 

We also offer training programs for those working with children through sport. Parents, coaches, SNA’s, teachers, volunteers and service providers can avail of our training. We will provide you with programs and teach you how to implement them. 

We have many other services including fitness classes for siblings of children with additional needs. These classes offer a fun, inclusive environment where the children can meet other children in similar situations and develop their own supportive communities whilst getting fit and having fun. 

We also offer fitness classes, personal training, team training and high-performance training for adults with and without additional needs. Again our aim is to provide a fun, inclusive environment where people can achieve their personal goals.

Our Third level lectures give you an opportunity to see firsthand how our programs work and can benefit users and providers. 

If you’d like to find out more about our services, please get in touch.

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Our Mission

We aim to ensure that every one, regardless of ability has access to exercise and activity. We build communities not classes. We want everyone who avails of our service to feel part of something. All of our classes are fun, inclusive and non competitive. Our motto is Moving is winning so it doesn’t matter how you get to the end of the task, once you get there. Our goal is to support you on the journey and ensure that you have as much fun as possible along the way.

Our Vision

Our Vision is Fitness For All

We want to get everybody moving, To educate people, to break down barriers and to ensure access for all to exercise and movement

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Our Services

Here at Active Kids Academy we provide a wide range of services designed specifically for the needs of those accessing our classes and training. We offer fun, inclusive, fitness classes for children with special needs and disabilities.

We offer PE blocks in schools, special schools, ASD units and any service working with children. If you are running a special needs club or service, we offer inclusive exercise classes for your users. We can also provide training for your coaches, volunteers and parents. We will design programmes specifically for your users and help train your staff and volunteers to implement these programmes effectively. We will equip you with lots of fun games, activities and ideas specific to your members needs and abilities, which will keep them busy and active.

As Active Academy  we run fitness classes for adults with and without additional needs and disabilities. We will work with your service to provide classes for adults with special needs based around their needs and goals.

We provide team training for all levels from inclusive to elite. Our personal training and small group training sessions are available for adults with and without additional needs. Our adult fitness classes offer a wide range of benefits including cardio, strength, agility, flexibility and improved mental health. We cater for all levels and abilities. Our high performance training services are also available for athletes. 

At Active Academy, we really do offer fitness for all. 

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At Active Academy we believe in fitness for all. We have classes and programs to suit every age, ability, goal and need.


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